Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My poem

My poem
W.A.L.T:describe our senses.

I see tiny pink and orange sunset crystal’s...The sight  is sparkly.
I hear drizzling rain...The sound is ting ting ting.
I smell sweet sweet cherries...The smell is sugary.
I touch hard shiny crystals...The feeling is sore.
I taste cherries and strawberries...The taste is sour.

Friday, 1 April 2016

My Easter story

Finally its Easter i thought to myself.I was wondering what color my Easter might be maybe it will be dark as the night sky or as bright as white as clouds I was waiting and waiting until...

My stepdad said you have to wait until we get back from shopping so I said "OK". So we headed off we went shopping for cloths and shoes.

Then we got home and waited until my mum hid the eggs. She yelled out ready so we all rushed out the door then looked we saw some on the swings and some on the slide. Then while we were finding them outside. My mum...

Went to go hide the big eggs inside. We found all the little eggs and ran inside. We looked all around and BOOM!!! I found them in the closet L ripped the tin foil off as I teared off the sparkly tin foil it sounded like crinkly old leaves. I finally took a huge bite my egg was as big as a bolder when I took a bite it was caramely and it melted in my mouth. THE END