Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Our bee visit

Hello,my name is Jordashay and this morning people came to talk to us. There names were Kathy and Dan the bee man they were explaining about bees and bee aware month. They said that the queen lives in the brood, the workers are all females and live for 6 weeks in the winter and live for 6 weeks in summer but some bees can live longer,after all of that we got split into 2 groups and the group that i was in had a look at the bees and we all tried to find the queen bee.Kathy told us that the queen bee is longer than all the others and the queen bee also has a white dot on its back.But after we did all of that stuff  we were with Dan the bee man and when we with him we all got to taste the honey from the honeycomb that was nice and sweet anyways then we were told to sit down on the mat and we all got a honey,some seeds and a sticker THE END...bye.    

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The black jersey: WALT use language features in our writing

The black Jersey

I am looking
into the hood
of the black jersey.
it is as fluffy as a bunny
it is like a cosy blanket
it is as black as a pant-ha

its holes are 

steep dark tunnels
huge eyeballs staring at me
hungry mouths about
to eat my arms

The black jersey warms up my