Friday, 28 August 2015

glow worms

wednesday 26 august 2015
W.A.L.T exchange boring words to exciting words
Today Room 17 was exchanging words to make them more exciting for our work.
First we had to watch a video that our teacher put on and we had to find synonyms that mean the same. for Example.

The glow worms were pretty,sparkly and glowy also the colour of them were like blue rubies.

The cave was shiny and it also looked like the stars shining in the night sky and the webs looked like icicles hanging down from the roof.

the glow worm cave


  1. Hi Jordashay you are a good writer.I like how you used big words.

  2. Hi Jordashay
    I like the way that you describe the glow worms
    Because I don't know what glow worms look like