Friday, 14 October 2016

My holidays


In the holidays me and my family were cleaning the rooms because we are moving soon.We want our house to be clean for people that want to buy our house.So while we were cleaning we heard the phone ring my step mum when and answered the phone and it was my mum.So i ran out the lounge and snatched the phone out of her hand and said hello so we talked a lot lets just say blah blah blah...then she said that me my cousin and my sister are going to be at the movies by ourselves. In the morning i jumped out of  bed and i was getting all excited about the movies, then we talked some more so i went to sleep and when i woke up i jumped out of bed with a spring in my step cause my mum was coming to pick me up.So i had breaky did my hair packed my bag and cleaned the room,first i got dressed Next me and my cousins went outside to play a game, juring our game we all got hungry so we raced inside faster and hungrier then ever before,I was the first person to touch the door so i slowly opened it and boom i could smell the delicouse smell of chips and dip so i raced to the fridge opened it up and there it was the dip.My mouth was watery  i was just about to grab it until i heard beep beep and i looked outside and it was my mum,so i ran out side and gave her a big hug and i quickly ran inside grabbed my bag,now we were on our way to whangarei i was really tired so i had a big sleep and when we got to my mums house i woke up and went inside to play on PS4 i raced to the controller and that night i went to sleep at 6 in morning and i had like a 1 hour sleep and woke up and everyone was still asleep so i stayed up tired as waiting to go to the movies the minute i was closing my eyes everbody woke so i got dressed and i was ready to go.We were on our way to the movies and while we were waiting i almost dropped my ice-cream why? you ask why? Because i was falling to sleep and finally the movie was about to start so i sat up and watched well at least for a bit cause i was falling asleep and these old-ladies were annoying me cause they were talking through the whole thing but anyways i still slept through some of it,Finally it was time to go home and have a sleep.

THE END...Thank you for reading.  

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